Day 1: Away We Go

Risa and I are sitting in bed ready for tomorrow am.  Our homemade jerseys are packed away, our panniers are at the end of the bed, our bikes are freshly tuned and waiting in the garage. The only problem is, it’s 11 pm here.  We don’t leave for another 7 hours. It’s like a kid’s sleepover–neither of us can sleep, bags are ready to go, and even Gus is getting anxious. I’d post pictures but my phone is across the room. Maybe Risa will get it for me…

No dice–Risa just called me her beloved plague.  I’m going to chalk that up to packing and beer and me hitting her with pillows in a futile attempt to get her to give my phone.  T-minus 7 hours to go!

Photo Aug 15, 10 03 35 PM Photo Aug 15, 3 37 32 PM


We’re on the train now, heading to Berkeley and then to Daly City and then to half moon bay.  It’s a roundabout route, but well worth the ride–dropping off a bike for Mr. Nadir Jeevanjee at Berkeley Amtrak before heading to Daly City to pick up Hwy 1. Mom has packed us Rapha style rice cakes. I told her we only eat corn dogs when we ride, but she insisted that the rice cakes were made with love and protein. Then she packed us a packet of bacon. Just bacon wrapped with love from the worlds best Mom. We couldn’t resist.


When we got to the train station, who should be there but the whole Jeevanjee/Gilfether/Adams family! After handing off the Peugeot and playing with the kiddos, Risa and I rode the whole .6 miles to North Berkeley BART. It was lovely and surreal being back in Berkeley (however briefly) and not having a place to call home there. We navigated BART like the East Bay pros we pretend to be, and sat down on our train to Daly City with our bacon, bikes, and sense of adventure all fresh and excited. Then we watched videos mocking Rapha, cuz you can’t not mock Rapha, and how else could we make the day more perfect?

This is Risa eating bacon on BART:

Photo Aug 16, 11 07 23 AM (1) Photo Aug 16, 11 07 27 AM Photo Aug 16, 10 34 04 AM Photo Aug 16, 8 03 42 AM Photo Aug 16, 11 43 28 AM

These are the videos we watched (Because mocking Rapha is a communal thing, and everyone should share in this profound joy. Shout out to Doug Williams, who first showed them to me, they never get old.)

Now, I know some of you (Max) are reading this and saying  “Well shit, did she even ride her bike?” The answer is yes. We did ride our bikes through Daly City (where we may or may not have done some hard core freeway salmoning), down highway 1, through the tunnel of doom and out to Half Moon Bay. I want to say that it was all lovely and picturesque and perfect, but you, the good people of the internet deserve better than that obvious pack of lies. It was lovely and picturesque at times. But it was also terrible and scary in some parts. On the bright side, we found lovely produce stands, great book stores, and wonderful open roads and even passed a lambourghini. I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not it was stuck in traffic.  I just hope you remember how wicked fast touring bikes are, especially when descending.

On the not so bright side, we missed Planet of the Apes road and took Hwy 1 over the hills with no shoulder and lots of scary traffic. That lambourghini we passed so easily earlier probably took offense at our cheering and victorious fist pumping judging by how he tried to later run us off the road. Jokes on you buddy, we were in the ditch walking our bikes BEFORE you revved your engine and sped by–we liked being there cuz it meant that it was harder for assholes like you to hit us.

We also went though the fancy new tunnel (rookie mistake) and thought were going to die. At one point, it was so loud and echoey in there that I was convinced the big earth quake everyone has predicted had started. We put down the hammer and got the hell outta there, only to look back and see the whole thing still standing, and a stream of motorcyclists coming out. Turns out they thought it was real clever to rev their engines inside the tunnel, making it a living hell for the rest of us.  But we survived with no burst ear drums or broken bones and had a lovely lunch at an abandoned barracks by the side of the road.

Photo Aug 16, 2 27 37 PM (1) Photo Aug 16, 2 27 02 PM Photo Aug 16, 2 33 07 PM

When we finally got into camp, we tried out the tent I pro-dealed from REI, site mostly unseen.  Let’s just say there’s a good reason it’s not available in store, and next to free to REI employees online:

Photo Aug 16, 5 29 02 PM Photo Aug 16, 4 40 40 PM

Ate our produce stand goodies and instant mashed potatoes and Rapha-esk rice cakes for dinner and crashed hard. We woke up four hours later to raccoons trying to eat our Clif bars. The very nice, (and very very drunk) English boys who were camping next door tried to wake us to let us know. They were sufficiently scared of the over large rodents, and fairly incompetent at getting rid of them. Luckily for all concerned, Risa and I had the good sense not to show any fear–they can smell it almost as well as they can sniff out coconut chocolate chip Clif bars. Having beat off the bastards, we went back to bed. On our list of accomplishments for the day, let it be known that we made two trains (one of them with 3 bikes), broke the rules on BART without getting a ticket, raced a lambourghini and won, survived a motorcycle attack, and battled raccoons for our food. All in all, an eventful first day.

Photo Aug 16, 3 09 05 PM Photo Aug 16, 3 08 00 PM Photo Aug 16, 3 07 43 PM

Almost forgot that we got sneered out of a bookstore by super rude bookish ladies who told us that they had “no room for post cards, because they sold BOOKS.” I bought the new Bill Bryson book anyway.

Photo Aug 16, 4 01 24 PM






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