For Dad

Updates are in order! First, my apologies to my two lovely grandmothers, I owe you both calls, and will try and be better about updating in future. Here’s the top 3 most exciting things that have happened:

1. MADE A FRIEND!!! Freya is an Australian Epidemiologist studying hemoragic fevers and disease control in Western Africa. She’s been showing me the ropes while I make sure that she eats. You know you’ve made a great friend when they swap you sweeping and dishes for cooking duty!

2. Done some actual work and I love it. My job is pretty varied these days, so far I’ve mostly gone and gotten a sense of the places we visit, the people I’ll be working with, and the women who want bikes. A lot of what I do is essentially journalist and data collection, which suits me fine. Over the last few weeks I’ve traveled to different regions visiting past program sites and asking people about their bikes and taking their pictures. Then I get to look at issues of ownership, transit, economics, skill sets and education for women and their bikes and find interesting solutions. Mostly this translates to me editing photos and writing stories and coming up with ways for women to keep their bikes after they buy them, ie decorating them. I couldn’t ask for a cooler gig.

3. Found a house! Rather, I crashed at Freya’s one night and never left. We currently live in Accra, right by the University in an area called Top Herbal. Yes it sounds like a type of tea. Freya leaves on Friday for Techiman, but I get her room.

So far I’ve done a lot of things I never thought i’d get to do in a million years. I’ve ridden an motorbike through the jungle in the rain, I’ve climbed the Highest mountain in Ghana, seen several snakes, eaten all manner of goat parts, been to three of the nine regions of the country, and made wonderful life-long friends.

Here’s the photographic evidence:

Miss you all lots, hope all is well in California! I’ve started dreaming about winter and pumpkin flavored items and pea-coats and tacos. But mostly I miss the fog and Gus. I promise I’ll post some actual stories soon!

Much Love,




  1. California will still be here when you come back 🙂 Trader Joes has plenty of pumpkin-flavored things and as far as fog and tacos–there is no fog in SoCal but there’s lots of tacos. Missing you lots and so happy to hear things are going well. Love all of the photos! Freya seems awesome! But beware of Ghanaian sushi–I wouldn’t trust sushi from anywhere besides Japan or California (very few exceptions!). Sending you lots of love m’dear!


  2. soo dad gets an entire post but me and audrey get nothing????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk this is awesome and in case you were wondering i will be leaving kind and insightful comments like this all over your blog.


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