Urgent Update

Stop the presses, hold the phones, grab a seat, I’ve got big news. You ready internet? Here it goes: I found amazing Mexican food right here in Accra. I can feel the eye rolls coming my way, so before I continue, let me remind you of the state of Ghanaian cuisine. Pull up another tab and Google fufu right now. Now keep that image in you head. Back? Great! Now look at this:

2014-12-12 16.36.01
I know. I was salivating too. That is a mountain if romaine, beans, peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken and cilantro all cooked in cayenne and cumin with lime juice as a dressing. And it’s bigger than my face. Well maybe not in this picture, but that’s because I was so excited I decided to just die in and eat it before taking a photo. That’s the halfway point.

Back home this would be more of a California/Mexican fusion dish and I’m sure some of you will tell me it doesn’t count. But y’all can go jump in a lake. After 3 months of no cilantro, no lime, no real spice, and a life’s worth of fufu, this is just what the doctor ordered. This tastes like home.

And granted, this is one salad at one Indian restaurant hidden behind a cafe on an unmarked road and it isn’t even on the menu, but it’s the closest I’m gonna get here. And in the interest of settling, I’ll take it!

That’s all for now folks. Feel free to resume business as usual. I’m going to go finish my salad. Yes it’s so good that I paused in the middle to update the internet at large. I feel no shame.

Much love



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