No Worries, Not Dead Yet!

Bad news Internet, I definitely meant to update this thing over the MONTH I took off to see people, explore, eat real food, and mostly not be in Ghana. But I didn’t. I even wrote drafts that I stored in my phone in the little notes section and then never used. But lets face it; they’re mostly useless now. Luckily for you, I’m back in the land of computers and lots of free time, so, being inspired by SERIAL (If you don’t know what I’m talking about stop whatever you’re doing and download Sara Koenig’s amazing podcast RIGHT NOW), I’ll work on sorting through all the photos and notes and try and update this thing in the coming weeks.

Here’s The Highlights:

1. COLD WEATHER. For a whole month I wore nothing but sweaters and scarves and pants. It was glorious.

2. REAL FOOD. Between Mary and Enrique smothering me with delicious and nutritious vegetarian cuisine and Antoine making me crepes every morning, I got to eat my weight in delicious food-stuffs. 

3. BICYCLES!!!!! As soon as I got off the plane and through customs in Madrid, I found me a bicycle. CUZ PRIORITIES.

4. NEW FRIENDS. Some real, some imaginary, some just plain fake.

5. OLD FRIENDS. The best kind!

6. ADVENTURE! Bike tour along the heavily armed Algerian border anybody?

7. ROMANCE! Suffice it to say that Jacques knows exactly what a gal wants—undying affection and a share of his chew toys. Sorry Gus, you’ll always be my number one…

8. SWASHBUCKLING! Yeah, I rode a horse.

9. SASS! May or may not have told a certain Spanish douche bag that if he ever wanted to get laid he should start by not telling women to “tranquilla” as he lectured them on their pronunciation of ENGLISH words…

10. MERWAH! Someday I will write a children’s book with her as the main character. Here she is raiding my bag in search of makeup. Jokes on you kid, ain’t nobody got time for that!


All this and more as I get time to write it down!

Much Love,



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