Endless Summer

In Accra, I’ve gotten used to waking up early, realizing that it’s too hot to live, and going back to sleep to dream of ice cream and hikes in the snow. This lasts until the power goes out, forcing me into the reality of the heat and your looming to-do list. It doesn’t help that Techiman is perfect at night and cool in the morning. Imagine your favorite summer night in the beginning of September just as the air is cooling down and the breezes start picking up. I usually fall asleep with the covers shoved to one side of the bed and wake up at 3 am on the dot to snatch them back because it got too cold during the night. So waking up to a hot morning here is, frankly, just the worst.

This morning was different. This morning I woke up to the crack of my window breaking and water hitting me in the face. Considering the alternatives, I was thrilled. It was a great, and totally unexpected surprise. Evening rains here are normal. Morning rains are unheard of (at least by me).

It started raining so much last night that the taxi I was in almost got swept away in a flash flood.

“Does this happen often?” I asked as the driver quickly steered us onto higher ground (aka the sidewalk).

“Only during rainy season” he said. So only for half the year.

The rain had petered out around midnight last night, leaving stray thunderheads too high to actually drop any water and random bolts of lightning, but no rain. Around 4:30 am the sky opened up and an ocean poured out. Or at leas that’s what it sounded like. The thunder was so loud and so close that it broke one of my window panes–hence the watery awakening.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some cold Indian food for breakfast and settled in for what promises to be a long cold rainy day. I am so excited! I actually can’t remember the last time I was this cold and it was raining in the morning. Normally it’s hot all day and rains at night here. It feels like Chicago mid-july, with the bugs to match.

Trying to think of the last time I experienced this much COLD rain, I started counting backwards. As of this week, I’ve had a year of summer. I count summer starting with the first day you can wear a sun dress in California, and ending with the first day you put on blue jeans and a sweater. Using this scale, Summer started for me on April 13, 2014 ( I know because I was so excited to wear Audrey’s dress to work and wrote about it in my journal) and hasn’t ended yet.

For some people this would be a dream come true. I know my sister lives for sundress weather, and standing at 5 ft 7 and looking like Cindy Crawford, she was made to wear adorable sun-soaked cotton. I can understand her enthusiasm.

Being the decidedly less elegant Mathews sister, I prefer sweater and jeans weather. Which brings us back to me cuddled in my blankets wearing my Morocco sweater, planning a whole day of working from home and listening to the rain.

I’ll leave you with this:

All Summer in a Day, by Ray Bradbury

We read it in Ms. Castle’s 7th grade English class, and it’s always stuck with me. Whenever it rains, I pull it out.



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